Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Strawberries in oil on panel, 5 x 7 inches. These berries were more of a challenge than I expected. Now I'm happy with them, and have just been waiting for a bright day to photograph them. Today was a bright day!
Does it look too dark on your monitor? It is so hard to know if the photo looks OK on other monitors. I really need to work out a system for photographing these paintings. What is your method?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Paint Tube Organization - An Inexpensive Way

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to organize your paint tubes. I found this plastic case at Home Depot for about $5.
Remove the lid, you won't need that. But you could probably use that for something, a spare palette perhaps? If you are lucky enough to work with extra large tubes, there are larger cases similar to this at Home Depot (or any home improvement store.) I mostly work with 37-40 ml tubes, so this size works fine for me.

Now you will need to take apart the little dividers that are provided. I used an Exacto blade to trim off the little nibs so that the dividers will fit snugly into the slots.

Now all you have to do is insert the dividers into the slots of the box and put in your paint tubes. The tubes will be upright-- less leaking from the lids!


I like having all my reds, blues, yellows and neutrals grouped together. So nice to see all my colors at once!